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A380 next year can rise fall two rivers airport
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The oldest plane on eye preexistence bound -- , empty guest A380, next year hopeful is in two rivers fell since the International Airport. Yesterday morning, the A380 type that invests nearly 100 million yuan falls fully field extend project stars building formally. This is the special project that Guangxi ensures a condition first times to undertake according to A380 type, predict whole project time limit for a project arranges 8 months.

It is reported, this second extend project will two rivers the width of International Airport runway and taxiway by so 60 meters, 38 meters, respectively broaden mixes 60 meters to 75 meters, build the congener type such as 2 A380 to halt a seat number, and the project such as the lamplight aiding boat with corresponding construction of form a complete set, grade of flight division fire control will amount to 9 class. After the project is finished, the International Airport will become two rivers Guangxi the can fall since the congener type such as safeguard A380 airport with not much amount to of exclusive, whole nation.

This airport tells a reporter about chief, from 1996 two rivers International Airport be open to navigation or air traffic up to now, the line of China and foreign countries that already had Cong Guilin radiate to go out 60, enclothe 6 international (area) city and 50 home town. In the meantime, it is a center with Guilin, with Guilin, Wu city, Nanning He Guilin, 100 kinds, pattern of aviation of the branch line inside two Guangxi areas that round course is both wings is forming the North sea stage by stage. The International Airport already became two rivers one of aviation airports with most busy Guangxi.

In a year of in the past, the International Airport obtained two rivers year of handling capacity the achievement of 4.665 million person-time, achieve historical record high. The expert inside course of study is forecasted, 2020, this one word will is close to or break through 10 million person-time. this pair of Guilin, it is good luck, also be a challenge.

To this, "915 " earlier, bureau of Chinese civil aviation and government of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region accelerate development of Guangxi civil aviaton to reach consensus early or late, clear " ' 915 ' during perfect Guilin two rivers International Airport each establishment, fall fully by contented A380 type extend " , "Press year of processing passenger handling capacity 10 million person-time unites a program, cent pace carries out building of extend boat station and establishment of relevant form a complete set, make Guilin airport the travel hub airport with become a state important " .

Guangxi airport manages group company controller to express, two rivers type of International Airport A380 falls fully of field extend project begin construction formally, indicate an airport construction and development will jump a new chance to extricateoneself from an awkward position, also fly independently to will come to Guilin A380 type laid a foundation. As China and east of alliance free-trade area build, and of strategy of economy of extensive north bay carry out, guilin aviation carrying trade welcomed unprecedented historical opportunity.
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