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Passenger flow of two rivers airport warms up stage by stage airline ticket of C
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Enter in August since the middle ten days of a month, guilin two rivers the aviation passenger flow of the International Airport appeared to warm up gradually. At present the course such as Nanjing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Kunming, Shenzhen, Xi'an already appeared the situation of airline ticket insecurity, partial airline begins to adjust transport power according to passenger flow tendercy, add temporarily airliner. The plan gives the passenger of travel at the near future, appropriate prepares early.

According to Guilin two rivers International Airport statistic, all current leaving a port the average guest rate of the airliner already was amounted to 75% the left and right sides, among them average guest leads flight number of the branch line inside the area is to be as high as 80% above more, passenger flow shows the favorable trend that rises steadily. On August 18 that day, have pass in and out of nearly 120 airliners this airport, passenger flow of harbor of pass in and out makes an appointment with 13 thousand person-time, with 6, compared July, person energy of life increased many.

As the get warm again after a cold spell of aviation market, each airline also undertook be adjustmented accordingly on airline ticket discount. According to Guilin International Airport concerned controller introduces two rivers, airline ticket of course of the Xi'an with medium now system of sale of civil aviaton airline ticket, Xiamen, Jinan, Fuzhou, Qingdao, big talk restored total value basically already to sell. Relatively substantial discount airline ticket is returned temporarily on the Beijing, Hangzhou, Nanning, course such as 100 color, the North sea have a sale. Near future of in a planned way gives the passenger of travel to might as well the website that lands each airline inquires favourable project, or buy a ticket ahead of schedule, it is the good way of cost saving.

According to forecasting, draw near as the end of the Olympic Games and summer vacation, the aviation market of the our city can be in the passenger flow height that travel shedding and student return to school after the vacation appear to shed photograph overlay by this month in and month out. Already airline begins a plan to be added in course of Guiyang, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen and Xi'an now temporarily airliner, piece before travel, you might as well seek advice to concern information more, lest by accident the journey.

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