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Guilin opens lowest of an aerial liner of kuala lumpur of non-stop flight to onl
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Begin from September 3, guilin the International Airport will open two rivers an aerial liner of kuala lumpur of non-stop flight to. This is afterwards Bangkok, head after Er, Osaka, course of Guilin city's enlightened the 4th fixed international. Current, guilin, the airline ticket of kuala lumpur airliner already began to undertake selling on Www.airasia.com of Asian airline website, lowermost fare only 200 multivariate (do not contain duty to expend etc to collect fees) .

As we have learned, guilin, kuala lumpur is fixed airliner of non-stop flight to will begin from September 3, every week one, 3, 4, 6 each flights go back and forth between an airliner one class, airliner date is AK103/2, use empty guest A320 to carry out a flight entirely. Kuala lumpur takeoff time is in the morning 6:40, arrive at Guilin time to be 10:40; Guilin takeoff time is 11:10, arrived at kuala lumpur 15:10. The near future, asian airline will garrison Guilin city formally, become the 17th to create business department in Guilin city (agency) airline.

Guilin International Airport concerned controller tells two rivers the reporter, guilin, kuala lumpur course is in early began to fly 2003 nonsked charter flight, already moved more than 5 years up to now, average guest is led by original 73.7% rise to 84.9% , the market already bred maturity. With two rivers in Guilin municipal government the International Airport is sought jointly delimit effort falls, facilitated eventually of course of this fixed international enlightened.

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