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Unmanned company children seizes the opportunity to cannot be dealt with tempora
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Recently, two rivers came to Guilin before bar of opportunity of value of International Airport home two girls are dealt with seize the opportunity formalities, bar staff member checks the discovery when certificate, among them one 14 years old, another not full still 10 years old, according to civil aviaton regulation, not full the children of 12 one full year of life cannot seize the opportunity alone, must want to have 18 years old above adult company. Perhaps shift to an earlier date 24 hours to apply for to airline when buying a ticket, put forward to be carried as unmanned company children, otherwise airline will reject acceptance of consignment.

Be informed via the inquiry, these two girls live together with the grandma in Guilin, had a holiday to think Shenzhen parents over there, the grandma lets what themselves hits reach the airport by air. After many setbacks, the airport contacted the child's parents and grandma, after showing the case to them, they decide to let big child go first, small child changes a label the following day the airliner goes. The staff member serves civil aviaton regular bus the girl that leave, let her await a grandma to receive in civil aviaton edifice, wait for excellent person to receive her to just put down a heart to come continuously.

Next a few days, the airport encounters similar issue several cases in succession. It is 3 children should seize the opportunity together Guangzhou, the following day a favourable turn goes abroad, as a result of among them two not full 18 years old, additionally that child nature of 10 years old cannot seize the opportunity as scheduled. It is 8 years old of children that the parent seizes the opportunity to Guilin from Liuzhou belt, because Your Excellency to did not deal with relevant formalities, also fail to take on designation flight number.

Airline has strict regulation, the flight number that has unmanned company children should have made fixed arrangement beforehand, be in the airport so cannot apply for temporarily, although the staff member is deep the watch sympathizes with, but also be willing to help but unable to do so. So, airport respect also warns each parent, if want to make the following child 12 years old alone seize the opportunity, remember dealing with nobody to accompany children to apply for ahead of schedule.