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Rainstorm assault Guilin two rivers airport has returned to normal at present
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On August 3 morning, guilin two rivers rainstorm of International Airport light, this is this airport begin navigation 12 years since those who happen is the biggest rainfall. Rainfall of the greatest that day strength is amounted to horary 60 much millimeter, cause seeper of this airport taxiway most be as deep as 10 centimeters, seeper of aircraft parking area 5 centimeters, the airport a highway is complete paragraph impassable, await machine building to arrive at hall exit to enter seeper of turning of a highway to amount to 80 centimeters, motor-driven car cannot pass through, large quantities of car and passenger stop.

To ensure machine level ground, runway is not wided by water, avoid to stop passenger by accident machine, airport management department starts urgent platoon instantly big beforehand case, main organization is discharged big. Mao Yu of policeman of group of policeman of substation of airport public security in road two end install traffic control to indicate, guide travel of car go by a roundabout route; The bus that the airport arranges tall batholith technically is received to airport entrance send seize the opportunity passenger; Crew of organization of branch of airport field Wu is cleared flight division each outfall is sundry wait, ensure drainage system is expedite. The Maoyu that passes nearly 3 hours fights bravely, eliminated seeper eventually, the rises to fall and make a car normally safe travel that assured an airliner.