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Guilin, Tianjin travel charter flight is enlightened
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Guilin, Tianjin travel charter flight is enlightened a few days ago, guilin citizen travels to Beijing, bypass Tianjin may have more privilege and play a way. Came 5 days on September 3, tianjin tourism group goes to Guilin sales promotion, hit " swim Beijing sees Tianjin " brand.

Guilin, Tianjin travel charter flight is weekly two, still will mix on September 29 during National Day golden week added on October 3 fly to two. "Go to Beijing from Tianjin, sit Beijing ferry tall iron 20 come minute arrive, this itself also is one kind experiences and enjoy. " Tianjin controller of one travel agent is given out to Guilin citizen so invite.

As we have learned, tianjin is city of Chinese first-class travel, but because Beijing name is too big, each district tourist was to go to Beijing however " invisible " be apart from this not far Tianjin. What travel in view of Beijing is strong, the product that Tianjin journey business rolls out at present is a Beijing and Tianjin undertake baling, the traditional view area such as the Tian An Men that joined Beijing in the journey, Great Wall, the Imperial Palace (dot) .