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2000 much airliners are restful during the Olympic Games Guilin of pass in and o
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The Olympic Games ends satisfactorily already. Reporter from two rivers the International Airport learned yesterday, in more than days 10 of in the past, share Guilin of restful pass in and out of 2000 many airliners. As incomplete abstruse meeting is about to kick off, the airport installs check air defence to guard level to be not decreased, the passenger seizes the opportunity to shift to an earlier date 1 hour to reach the airport at least please.

It is reported, the International Airport is two rivers implementation " restful Olympic Games " target, in Olympic Games opening early days, added car bottom newly to be able to inspect detector, flow to install the advanced equipment such as explore of check car, blast not only, did cogent analysis technically still to the air defence situation of actual combat condition, begin drilling of of all kinds security for many times. During the Olympic Games, the personnel that install check undertook installing check to many 10 thousand passenger in all, seize of all kinds banned goods nearly 2000, built solid protective screen for air defence safety.

Current, density of airport passenger flow still bigger. The airport installs check to stand to tell a reporter about chief, as a result of comfortable meet summer vacation enters end, and the Olympic Games concludes already smoothly, many passengers begin a travel in succession. Now, the airport everyday harbor airliner all maintains pass in and out to be controlled in 120 sortie, and average guest rate achieved 75% above, the directional passenger flow such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou is larger.

This controller reminds passenger of wide Mahayana plane, at present the job installing check of the airport still maintains with the Olympic Games during coequal standard, hope everybody as far as possible in advance reachs the airport, and do not carry liquid state article, lithium battery is not consigned please, create a restful and expedite travel environment jointly.