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Guilin opens first international cheap course
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Yesterday morning 10 when 40 minutes, the AK102 airliner that Malaysia flies to Guilin arrives at two rivers International Airport, guilin, kuala lumpur course debuts formally. This line is current airline ticket minimum price only 228 yuan, special offer airline ticket only 198 yuan. According to the airport the program manages a chief introduction, this is the first Guilin is enlightened real significance those who go up is cheap course.

Guilin, kuala lumpur course is weekly 4, meet Zhou Yi, 3, 4, 6 flights, fly from kuala lumpur Guilin hind flies half hours namely only return kuala lumpur, as far as possible short machine down time is be able to one of cheap reasons. The date that order is 198 yuan special offer airline ticket to came 14 days on September 3, travel time is brigade to came on October 13 on December 13, network of be confined to is sold, the guest can land Www.airasia.com to order.

The Wang Bin of director of sale of department of market of Asian airline China that opens this line says, guilin landscape has in international very tall famous degree, every year travel charter flight flies to Guilin from Malaysia. They issued enlightened Guilin on July 23, after kuala lumpur course, the airline ticket that reserves on two weeks immanent net achieved 70 thousand pieces, the average customer of the near future sits rate already achieved 65% . Nevertheless, he says what travel to Guilin to the guest basically is Malaysia, the guest that he hopes to also have more Guilin and Guilin periphery city arrives through this course Malaysia, go travelling to southeast Asia.