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"11 " two rivers airport will increase the golden week 66 temporarily airliner
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Shortly will come " 11 " the golden week, two rivers airport will increase 66 to take a harbor scheduled flight temporarily, gain usable seat in all 10 thousand many. These add ganger to want to wait for airline to carry out by boat of Na Hang, Dong Hang, country, Xiamen Airline and Hai Hang, basically center on the course such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chongqing, Wuhan, Shenzhen, big talk, Xi'an.

As we have learned, this year " 11 " during overwork amount of two rivers airport relatively decreased somewhat last year, airline ticket sells a system to show, the airline ticket of afore-mentioned cities compares come-and-go during the golden week nervous. The come-and-go between holiday date the passenger of afore-mentioned cities, had better buy a ticket ahead of schedule, lest delay the journey.